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Vaccine Developement

MVT Biotechnology Vaccine primary target:

  • a newly designed vaccine directed against HEV for prophylaxis

For the development of a vaccine, MVT will develop a novel vaccine with proprietary technology to provide prophylaxis against Hepatitis E Virus.

To date, no approved vaccine is available in Europe or the US for prophylaxis of hepatitis E, (only one vaccine against HEV is available in China), and no therapeutic to treat an infection by this virus is available. In addition, the Chinese-territory-limited vaccine, (trade name Hecolin®), is not recommended by the WHO for global distribution, due to insufficient data. Given the global increase in yearly infections due to hepatitis E, and severe global health burden, there is a clear unmet medical need, and therefore a market available for exploitation.

Vaccine Future Developement

Major pharma companies – over the last decades – strongly focused their R&D efforts on potential large blockbuster products in areas such as influenza, meningitis, malaria and HIV. Due to the attrition rates and development risks, their “blockbuster” focused R&D led to a lack of innovation and diminishing pipelines. At the same time, their large size and complicated processes limited their agility to enter niche markets and the attractive market segment of so called neglected diseases – disease areas with strong medical and economical need, especially in emerging and niche markets. This market segment has been penetrated by smaller biotech companies, which filled their pipelines with smaller - but due to the more favourable cost and risk profile - still attractive product profiles.

Therefore, the need of larger pharma companies to fill their empty pipelines and to launch a product to prove their market success, has led to an increasing number of license deals or complete company acquisitions between biotech and major pharma companies.

MVT Bio intends to develop a further pipeline, extending beyond the primary product, concentrating on profitable niche products.

Hepatitis E (HEV)

Unmet Medical Need

20 millions infections annually

3,4 millions symptomatic cases / annum
(chronic & acute)

70.000 deaths

3.000 stillbirths / annum

up to 25% mortality rate in pregnant women, and poor fetal outcomes


HEV Virus